Gardening is the first step towards having kids and a mortgage


Growing a garden is the first step towards having kids and a mortgage. It’s a responsibility. An externalization of yourself in something else that takes your attention off the global issues, and refocuses it on the immediate ones. Instead of being small and helpless in the global slurry of concerns far outside your influence, you can take control of this little part, which is your own life, and make a difference. Because if you have plants on your patio, basically you have done your part to save the world… Right?

Garden Pic.jpg

One of the biggest challenges stopping people from living a sustainable lifestyle is the level of effort and commitment that it requires to “go green.” It is, for example, much easier to argue with your friends on Facebook than to bike to work everyday; much easier to share news stories about water shortages in third world countries, than to take shorter showers. To take responsibility for your environmental impact means that you have to change the way you live your life.

It’s not easy to be live sustainably today, the decision to minimize our impact is usually reduced to one brand or another. The only thing that is visibly different between them is the sticker and the price tag. These decisions provide no tangible evidence to show that these efforts are making a difference, and end up making food cost a hell of a lot more. It’s really sad. Local, organic food has been portrayed as a luxury item only attainable for the wealthy upper class. Now although I don’t see myself being independently wealthy in the near future, that doesn’t mean that I can’t support good food.

So, as of this summer, I’m a gardener. Something that would make 17-year-old Levi cringe. I started my own little garden on my patio, and though I still bitch about the state of the world, at least I can back up what I’m saying with what I’m doing.

I grew this.JPG

It’s the same as the sports fan yelling at the TV, or the guy watching porn on his laptop, you’re never going to get the satisfaction you want until you get in there and do it. If I had a vegetable for every argument I’ve had about how poorly we treat the environment, I wouldn’t have to pay for groceries anymore. It may be small, but what this garden does is something so many GreenPeace spam campaigns have failed to do—inspired me to change.

Me Gardening.JPGIf you have a garden that you wanna do a shoutout to, or some plants you feel love for. Just drop a comment in the section below, I’d love to talk plants with ya’ll. 


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