Voting Basically Makes You A Superhero

Stop HarperTomorrow is your last chance to jump on the bandwagon of Canadians actually utilizing their right to vote. 70,000 students have voted on campuses, 71% more people voted in advanced polls than in 2011, and we have taken more selfies in the name of democracy than any other year combined. All of this because of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I voted to defeat Stephen Harper. That’s a statement only the those of us of age will be able to say. History will look back at this time and marvel at the tyranny that has occurred while the conservative party was in power, and we will be responsible for it coming to an end. We’re basically superheroes!

This is your chance to be a part of a movement, to make your voice heard and exercise your citizenship in one of the best countries in the world. When we win this election (because I believe that we will) we will be one more step towards unlocking the true potential of our country. To bring back the country that we all love.

Happy voting y’all!


2 thoughts on “Voting Basically Makes You A Superhero

  1. Thanks Levi,
    I’ve been calling that lying bastard President Harper the past 5 years, he’d have us join the US if he could!
    Oops started to get worked up! Hope Alls well
    Cheers James
    Sent from my iPhone


    • Haha! Well we have kicked him out which brings me joy. Now we just got to make sure that 4 years of majority government doesn’t turn handsome Trudeau into a monster. Thanks for commenting 😀

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