You don’t know what you’ve got… Until it’s China.

Kinder Morgan, Stephen Harper, and much of the world has decided that Canada’s natural ecosystem is worth far more dead than alive. I write this reactionary blog, if for no other reason, to remind us that this rarity we have in Canada is like nothing else in the entire world.

Canada is Pretty Amazing.

I write from China, travelling through possibly the most prosperous nation in our world, but by looking out of a bus window on the highway you wouldn’t think so. China, although literally billowing money out of it’s factories smoke stacks, has sacrificed it’s heart to achieve this financial standard.

The China Landscape

China demonstrates the true power of our greed and desire for wealth acquisition. Blind misuse of resources and labour facilitated by western foreign investment has turned a once beautiful landscape into an apocalyptic grey palette. Entire mountainsides gouged open in search of precious materials, community’s of high density condominiums shrouded in smog from the factories below that employ them. Perhaps if the people of Canada could see the devastation associated with unregulated resources acquisition we would think more clearly upon the ideal of economic prosperity.

Endless coal trucks below empty high rise condominiums.

Endless coal trucks below empty high rise condominiums.

Canada is a very young nation with similar properties to what China had in it’s youth. We stand now as one of the last untouched and plentiful resources in the entire world. Pressured by the global community’s dependence of fossil fuels and material goods, we are told to give up our homeland for the forward movement of consumerism and the economy. Though we are a young and impressionable nation, we cannot let the greed and merciless pursuit of temporary gains tarnish the raw jewel we call home.

I am not a statistics buff on the subject, I can’t even begin to understand the details of the political aspect, but this is a world wide issue where for the first time Canada lies as the linch pin. The world needs us, more importantly they need our resources. Do we have the strength as a nation to change the focus of the world from the money in the ground, to the people who stand on it?

Thousands of environmental articles around the world will tell you, the news will tell you, and even individuals like me will tell you that what we are doing is totally insane and irrational. As we move forward towards progressive and positive means of sustainability we see more and more community resistance to corporate expansion. I write from frustration and anger, but my emotions do not change the way things work, my actions do.

So I wrote a blog, it’s not going to be read by our Prime Minister, or turned into an environmental bill and get passed through parliament, but I am voicing my support for the home team. I encourage all of us to put in our two cents, however petty it may feel and how large the opposition seems, when our homeland is at stake we cannot just sit back in silence. I thank you for reading this and I leave this with an awesome quote.

“Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, indeed it is the only that ever has.”


3 thoughts on “You don’t know what you’ve got… Until it’s China.

  1. Canada’s three major literary prizes have just recently been awarded – The GG’s (Governor General’s) Roger’s Trust and. of course, the biggie – the Giller. All good reads, I’m sure, but none of those writers can surpass what you’re achieving. God bless. Keep growing! Love, Gramjam

  2. Great narrative and stirring images. Bold to be sharing this from the “coalface.” Travel safely Levi. And thanks for the Margaret Mead quote at the end. Armc Hair Ter Rorist

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