“Stop Seeing The World As An Obstacle, And You Begin To See It As An Adventure”

I have discovered something through my heart condition that you cannot be taught. Appreciation for life, and the importance of how you live it.

On many occasions, pre-heart disease, my life appeared to be an unrealistic fairy tale waiting for something to go wrong. My parents held a healthy relationship, my grades stayed steady through school, and although we were not rich, we had money for what was important to us. The normalcy, and predictability created an undercurrent of apprehension and resentment in my perfect life.

In a perverse way, I wished for something bad to happen to me so that I could stand out. My childish desire for attention, mixed with my lack of direction in life, made me desperate for a thing by which to identify myself. It leaves me wondering… Did I ask for this heart condition?

“… I wish my dad would hit me, I just wanna feel shitty. Move me around a bunch so I can get bullied, I want to feel something other than goofy…”

I was incredibly naive, in the sense that the thing that I was wishing for often leaves people drowning in a state of emotional turmoil for years. The strength to thrive in life comes from the values and composure of the individual carrying the burden, not from the circumstances of the burden itself. Those who focus in on positivity and happiness, magnify its impact in their lives, diseased or not.


Since being diagnosed, I have been trying to identify myself apart from the heart condition I subconsciously willed upon myself. In the effort to become my own person beyond the disease that precedes me, I have defined what I value in life, and the way in which I live it.

Why does it take a life altering experience for us to appreciate the life that we have?  We fear change, instead of embracing it in the anticipation of learning something new. The spectre of death does not have to be the catalyst to live our lives with enthusiasm. Challenges are opportunities to learn. Stop seeing the world as an obstacle, and you begin to see it as an adventure.

What do you appreciate in your life?


6 thoughts on ““Stop Seeing The World As An Obstacle, And You Begin To See It As An Adventure”

  1. I appreciate having met you brotha 🙂 Had a bit of a crappy day today. Just one of those days and your blog is exactly what I needed to knock some appreciation and peace into me. Thank you for sharing. Don’t ever stop 🙂

    • Hey Alicia, I don’t usually open with it when I meet people in person. My heart condition is something that they learn about me as they get to know me. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the support. 🙂

  2. I appreciate many things in life. I appreciate my son and my soon to be husband, I appreciate my grandparents who raised my sister and I when my parents were not there, I appreciate living in a world where most find it a struggle to pay the bills because it is not nearly the hardships that others have gone through; and I also appreciate knowing you and watching how you have changed. You might still be the goofy kid from highschool, but you have grown so much and you have experienced so many things. I hope you have the best time of your life in India and though it will be a struggle, dont ever lose the goofy kid that we all knew and continue to know.

    • Wow… Thanks for that Shelby. We all have been through our fair share of shit. Some of us a seemingly unfair amount more than others, but regardless of circumstance it’s just great to hear you being able to acknowledge that. Thanks for sharing, I’ll try and maintain my goof hahah 😉

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