I Believe In “Life”

In the past week there have been so many subliminal messages for me to go traveling I feel like I missed the punch line on a bad joke. Friends going on life changing adventures, taking others to the airport for vacations, and my family inviting me to visit them from the other side of the planet. It seems like the world wants me to travel, but I literally just can’t at this point. So thanks Life… Thanks for that.


Ever since I moved to the city I have seen planes taking off from YVR in the distance and thought to myself. “God dammit! Missed another one!” Shortly after that I proceed to torture myself thinking about all the crazy adventures I would have out in the big wide world on my own. Then reality kicks me in the balls and reminds me that I’m broke, and a medical catastrophe for insurance companies.

“Yeah I would like insurance to go dune buggy-ing in the sahara? Medical history? I have a heart condition… Yeah it is most volatile during exercising and adrenaline rushes… I’ve died 3 times… Hello?” In order to get travel insurance I need to be medically “stable” for more than 6 months, including medication changes. For the time being, my adventure cape and I work within the British Columbian borders. Buuuuuuut just for shits n gigs, let’s say that I could leave!

What about work? I have just begun the “10 000 years” of an acting career and life as a young entrepreneur… is a quest for world dawesomnation really an option at this stage of the game? My early ambition has gotten me this far, maybe I should plow this field before moving onto the next one? Or maybe, I could plow a few fields a little bit just to see which one fits me best? Perhaps, I should just forget plowing fields all together? Or better yet! I could plow two fields at one time!

When people ask me what my dream job would be… without even a teaspoon of hesitance ice cream, without the tiniest sliver of not-sureness pie, my dream job would be a Travel Host. Combining my love for story telling and adventure, I could elope across the planet, and entertain and inspire people at the same time!

Life! This is addressed to you… If I become a travel host, I will do my very best to show the world how FUCKING BEAUTIFUL you are, and illustrate how truly SPECIAL and MAGICAL it is to be alive.

I realize as I write this, that maybe being reminded of travel was a supportive gesture rather than a malicious one. Encouraging me to remember where my goals are set and to keep my eyes on the prize! So for my initial reproach and lack of understanding, I apologize.

Thank you Life, for all these tearful displays of beauty in my day to day existence, and the second and third chances that I have been given over the years. I just want you to know that I’m working 24 hours a day to make the most of our time together, and that I am appreciative for every single moment that I have. Like the microwave cake in a cup I am eating right now to replace the lack of traveling in my Life right now.

Now Life…I know that you do not grant wishes like some sort of genie bottle, but I just want to put it out there that I am very open to variations on my “dream Job”. I would kindly accept an apprentice role in the anticipation of such a fantasy. I’ll work for it man, I will earn my keep but just wanting to keep my doors open you know.

Thanks again homie, I live you.



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