What Would I Say To A “Young Hearted” Me


If I could say anything to a young me, surprisingly enough I would not mention an impending heart attack and three years of intensive hospital care. I would simply put the seeds in mind to lead a more complete life until then. 


Travelling Before School. The world is very big and beautiful and this very small rectangle at the edge of Canada going to get old. 

Do Some Drugs. No, not all of them but a few more than I have done so far. Acid and cocaine are the two who immediately come to mind. Cocaine more so just to understand where the people in the movies are going when they ingest the white substance. 

Say “Yes”. Even if the answer is really no… Get in the habit of accepting every opportunity given. 

Walk The Dog. He was a peaceful best friend that was never fully appreciated. Spend some time with the old guy. 

Fight Someone. Get into a real fist fight, release all the pent up aggression into a completely mindless flurry of poorly swung punches. 

Go To An Eminem Concert. When he was huge, he gets lame later.  

Learn Carpentry From Dad. Learn a life skill and spend time with the man who loves you the most in the whole world. You won’t have them around so much in the future. 

Take Mechanics. This is just one of a list of very functional things I wish I knew now. 

Hang Out With Fun People. Not cool people. 

Visit Mom During Her Cancer. Write to her, and support her whenever you can. Do not forget this experience. I wish everyday that I knew more about her time in that place and feel awfully about not being there for her. 

Don’t Quit Soccer. It’s an awesome game. 

Be Positive. Negativity is a coping mechanism for you and a lot of people you know. Turn the tables and find a smile in all circumstances. Life is hilarious.


What is something you would say to your younger self? Feel free to comment below. 😀


9 thoughts on “What Would I Say To A “Young Hearted” Me

  1. Wear the coat; you love! Who cares if your ‘friend’ says she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it. Only your opinion matters not other’s.

  2. Enjoy Mumbai!!! – Put energy into every activity because no emotion surafces by itself.

    Live the moment in a chaotic city…….your biggest challenge as a traveller – Anuj Juneja(i met you in the bus)……..cheers!!!

  3. hi, i saw this info on website that foreign nationals cannot visit mumbai film city, nonetheless you can visit through other ways

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