How To Talk With Text (10 ways to be a better online communicator)


More and More we as a human race are forced to communicate by means of technology. This being said a lot of the rules still apply from our face to face days but as things change so must the way we do them. Here is a list of things that I believe will help you on your way to being a better online communicator. 

In a standard face to face communication there is connection between you beyond the language you speak with your mouths. Physical presence, facial expressions, verbal cadence and then finally the actual words you speak, but on the internet you are truly limited to the most basic form of expression. The written words.



1) Be clear. Without context or any kind of information as to where you’re coming from we have basically got to spell it out for one another.  

2) Spell Properly. There’s nothing worse than needing to explain yourself a second time because the message was lost amongst a mish-mash of spotty punctuation and spelling. 

3) Think Before You Speak. One of the great parts of online communication is the ability to take the time needed to formulate and organize your thoughts. Take this time to lay out your message in a digestible format. 


4) “Hey!” is not a legitimate way to start an online conversation. Small talk is for family gatherings and first dates. Don’t hassle your friends with your lack of ingenuity and boredom. 

5) Think about what you really want to say. You both know there’s an elephant in the cyber room, and now they have to play this cat and mouse game to get it out of you. Being honest and straight forward is one of the sexiest things that I have ever seen in a person. 

6) Sometimes a cliche is ok. Better than a nothing. Being as straight forward as possible can sometimes be a saving grace. “Where did you grow up?” Can lead into so many conversations that actually matter. Think broad but not too complicated to answer.

7) “Tell me about yourself” is an awful phrase that should be removed from all social interaction. Such a broad and vastly insensitive question basically just means. “Summarize the last 21 years of your life into quaint, easy to digest pieces so that we can move onto other things.” 

8) Random is funny. One of the best moments of my day yesterday was a friends message describing his altercation with a photographer who “sorta wanted to rape” him. Of course my friend was fine and the rapist is now out of both our lives for ever, but to initiate a conversation with a hilarious story is absolute gold. It also sparks more questions! “Why the fuck were you being photographed by a rapist photographer?” or “why would you go to a photographer on craigslist?” 

9) Be nice. If you literally have nothing awesome to share with this person, and you are completely dedicated to bottling up your emotions and avoiding any real human contact, you could glaze over the situation with a comment or reference to something that you found interesting about said person. This should in tern, elicit a response directed back at you, leaving you with a conversation. 

10) Don’t be negative. Even over the internet your shitty attitude has the ability to ruin others. Keep your crap to yourself or express it in a way that isn’t intrusive and sucky.


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