10 Ways To Feel Better (Or at the very least won’t make you feel worse)

1) Make A List

Make a LIST OF ACHIEVABLE TASKS. Now is not the time to be innovative, it is the time to be functional and productive. I put things on a list just so I can scratch them off! Wake up and scratch “Live through the night” off my list. Then follow it with things like,

My List Of Awesome Achievable Shit:

– Eat some food

– Sleep

– Clean the house

– Go for a walk

– Grocery shopping

– Don’t smoke weed

– Talk to parents

… etc.

2) Eat Some Food

This is not my problem for the most part. As soon as there is not something occupying my immediate attention I am usually eating copious amounts of food… but if you have nothing in the tank it’s pretty easy to feel as though your a useless bag of overripe tomatoes. Chose something that is healthy and predictable, now is not the time to try korean barbecued eel or double up on PB&J sandwiches.

3) Get Some Sleep

Don’t try and stay up. We all do it. For some reason whenever we feel shitty we go to bed at like 4am? You are not going to be able to “pull outta this one” in the fifteen minutes it takes you to read this blog. Staying up and dwelling seems natural because there is a part of us that loves the down and out feeling, but take the evening off and you may wake up a bit lighter. (Seriously though I find the best sleeps of my entire life have taken place during one of my down days)

4) Clean Your House

If your life feels like shit, let’s first clear out the possibility that maybe you feel like shit because your house looks like shit. By throwing out all the dirty kleenex and sweeping up the herds of dust bunnies you cleanse the space of negative neglect and force you to focus on what truly needs to be done. This is also an excellent time to play music very loudly and maybe do a little depression dance. (I suggest Songza or 8tracks apps)

5) Go Outside

Maybe your house is a dump but you feel so shitty that cleaning it would be like reliving a past horror story. Take that negative feeling out with the trash and go for a walk! (Seriously though maybe just empty your garbage as you leave the place? Two birds, one stone kinda deal?) Walking naturally proves to you that you are not the only person on the planet by being outside around other human beings! Chose a nice park nearby and walk for the sake of walking around.

6) Go Grocery Shopping

You are unable to do anything because you feel like dirt. Understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and prepare for it. Buying groceries will make you feel accomplished in a small way. Having food in the house enables you to provide for yourself and also save money.

7) Don’t Smoke Weed!

Smoking weed is such an awful thing to do if anxiety has got you down. if you don’t have anything to do at this exact moment and the foreseeable future contains steady work and stable social life then by all means smoke that green my friend! For all of us who don’t work at save on foods and date our high school crushes, weed is a bummer and a anxiety builder. Take that weed and sell it to your other depressed friends. It will only bring you down.

8) Talk To Someone (Someone who loves you and doesn’t mind listening to your shit)

Pay close attention to the words in brackets… Because the words “LOVES YOU” are very important, as they apply directly to the phrase “LISTENING TO YOUR SHIT”. Unconditional love basically just means these people are willing to put up with your venting. ABUSE THIS GIFT. Save the money on some “how does that make you feel” counsellor and take out your problems on those who love you! If they are good people to have in your they will listen to your essay length rambling and provide you with a bit of support and maybe even a visit!

9) Go (or set up a time to) See a Counsellor

Your parents can’t help you with your shit, neither can your Facebook friends, and neither will this shrink that you’re about to see. All they can do is provide you with support and encouragement on your own journey to sorting out your own problems. However, what this lady (or man) will do is provide you with a human beings face to unload all your mind crap on! A trained professional will assist you in building yourself back up with a bit of structured planning. Like having a workout partner to keep you on track with your recovery… But most importantly! You can say whatever you want in this room and they HAVE TO LISTEN! Don’t hold back in this room, you can be the crazy person who you are inside. 😀

10) Dwell In That Shit

Everyone in the world (including me) is going to tell you a million rescue remedies to feel better but ultimately… You need to feel this way. This is a part of your bodies natural progression to full mental health. You need to fully embrace how fucking terrible you feel and own it. The longer you try to hold onto those glory days reminiscing how awesome you were in your high school years, the longer it takes you to get real and move on. I suggest watching movies, listening to music and eating shitloads of awesome food.

Now these are of course just my personal favourites written with a bit of humour, in no way am I bashing those who suffer with serious depression problems or mental illness. There are many ways to feel better and maybe one of these tips will work for you.

These are my casually written,” I’m not a doctor”, ten ways to make yourself feel better. Feel free to comment on the list and add your own! The world is filled with magical ways of boosting your mood!


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