What’s right about writing?

I have been writing in a journal for the last 4 years. Recently turned to cursive writing for a more creative flow to my expression. With the challenges and adversities of my life I find that a physical manifestation of my feelings on a page gives me release. Thanks for sharing Coach Barbie!

Coach Barbie Dallmann

Yesterday I read an article that claimed one in three Americans hadn’t used a pen in six months for anything but a signature. Could that be true? Have keyboards, tablets, and smart phones caused us to stop writing? Could be. I heard recently that schools are seriously considering no longer teaching “cursive” writing. It seems inconceivable that my multitude of handwritten journals will one day be totally illegible to most people. Like hieroglyphs.

The article went on to say that “handwriting switches on a cluster of brain cells, the reticular activating system, that engages the brain more deeply than typing.” It cited several studies that found handwriting stimulated creative ideas and improved memory. Seems we have a lot to lose by not writing.

I’ll admit, most of my composition (blogs, correspondence, emails, and even to-do lists) happens at the keyboard. Texting has replaced written notes. Facebook and emails have replaced…

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2 thoughts on “What’s right about writing?

  1. I have a pen pal and yesterday wrote my latest reply. It was six pages and it was the most I’d written in one sitting since my last mandatory paper. It’s amazing how much you learn about yourself when you actually have no delete button or chance to retrace your steps and think of a better, cooler, more socially acceptable way to say what you’re thinking.

    • I recently had that feeling of writing my latest blog post and talking about it to myself in my journal. The narrative from handwriting was unfiltered and organic but lacked focus or any of the things I learned from english class. The typed version is structured and spell checked but with the norms in place is less personal and raw. Very interesting. Thanks for commenting!

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