This I How I Party (Written at 4:22am)

Tonight I went to a Wolfgang Gartner concert completely sober. I drank nothing, smoked nothing. The only mind-altering substance I ingested that night was a 2 dollar bag of 5 cent candies from 7/11.


Raves are fucking awesome man… Even with just watermelon wedges and banana marsh mellows to keep me going the vibe was infecting. I felt high. Half way through the night, with sweat dripping down my face and other people’s beer all over my shirt I was seeing tracers around the room and felt this over whelming desire to touch other people. Granted the entering of other people’s personal space has never been something I had much of an issue with but I felt amazing! We danced non-stop for 3 ½ hours. At one point I was hoisted up on someone’s shoulders, I reunited with a number of old friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time and burned a lot of calories from weeks of sedentary living.

Although I was able to keep up with, and sometimes outlast some of the chemically charged individuals at the concert I definitely find myself a little humbled by the toll it takes on my body now. I am weaker than I was 3 years ago. My stamina and endurance has suffered with the limited physical activity I am able to uphold.  To be fair, going to a rave is kind of like being thrown down a flight of stairs to awesome music for three hours, but the days of willy nilly joy rides and self abuse are over.

It’s saddening… To think that I may never get to drop acid and rave until my legs give out, do a beer-bong while playing beer pong or get arrested for public indecency for peeing on a parked car. Looks like I am forced to a life of respectability and calculated choices. Forced to weight my options and truly consider the consequences is not a process usually mulled upon by a 20 year old. Maturity it seems, in my social life at least, has come early… making up for a late puberty perhaps.

 But as I lay in bed with my spotty, half grown facial hair and sore body I know that I gave that dance floor a run for it’s money. I probably looked just as high as the rest of those crazy bastards out there because I was just so god damned happy to be there. To be able to fully engage in the things that I want and not be limited to the things that I need. Everyday that I get to live beyond survival is an amazing gift. Being on that dance floor made me want to pee myself with excitement, and at times brought me a strange state of tranquility amongst the chaos of drugs, flashing lights and loud music where I got to feel my heart beat inside my chest to the throbbing baseline and smile. 

Thank you body, for enduring this night of pounding and audio violence to your tender ear drums. I will make up for these crimes against you with laziness and hot, flavored beverages.  You mean the world to me.

Love Levi


Here’s a link to the show he did at the same venue in 2011… just to give you a feel for the vibe. 😉


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